“What is a Pursuit of Marriage?” Podcast #002

Kerry and I are excited to invite you to listen to our first “official” podcast for Pursuit of Marriage. “What is a Pursuit of Marriage” Podcast

We are making a commitment to produce at least one podcast per week. To begin, we are going to share with you the “3 Facets of Intimacy in a Marriage” as our first series.

Click on the link, subscribe so you can be alerted of each new podcast, and please send us feedback, comments, viewpoints on what we are sharing by emailing us at pomarriage@gmail.com.

Here is a synopsis of this first episode:

Joe and Kerry will take time to discuss what it means to have a Pursuit of Marriage as defined in Psalm 34:3. “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” We must take time to Magnify, Exalt, Invite Christ into our Marriage, but we must always do this Together! It’s a daily focus.

Join us today and thank you for your support.

Joe and Kerry

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