Date Night Ideas – July 8th 


Well, here it is Wednesday and we need to be planning for Date Night this weekend with our spouses. Have you asked your husband/wife out on a date for this weekend? 

Starting today and every Wednesdays, we will give you some ideas so as to plan out a fun and enjoyable Date Night. Wives, I know that many feel that the Husband should ask out the wives and plan them out; however, why not mix it up every once and a while and surprise your Husband. Husbands, this does not eliminate your responsibility towards romance either…

So look through these ideas and if one suits your fancy, do it this weekend. If not, still plan something fun to do together!

  1. Movie night in with HER selecting a movie HE would like.
  2. Make something out of clay together.
  3. Crash someone else’s party and pretend you are friends from years ago that you are surprised the guests don’t remember.
  4. Drive places where you can introduce your spouse to fond memories of yours that you both can share.
  5. Curl up into bed together and watch a romantic comedy.

So there they are…We would love to hear from you if you do any of these and how they worked out, or if you have any other date night ideas, please share.

-Joe and Kerry 

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