Results From the Poll-“How Often Do You Date Your Spouse”

The results from over 475 votes on the frequency of "Dates" with your spouse.
The results from over 475 votes on the frequency of “Dates” with your spouse.

The results are in. We had 479 votes towards the poll we placed on the web site for, “How Often Do You Date Your Spouse?”

As you can see, the majority, 56.52%, cry out that the thought of date nights seem crazy due to the time of their lives-Families!!  Children will suck the energy and excitement out of our lives…If we let them. Kerry and I know that it is a crazy time, especially with toddlers and young children; however, that is even more reason to make time, at least once a month, to date one another. Reconnect and recharge.

Next in the results were “Once a Month” at 17.39%, then a tie for third with both “Twice A Month” and “Once A Week” at 13.04%.

So what Kerry and I gleaned from this survey, again very unscientific, is that many married couples have placed dating on the back burner.  Which, in our experience as marriage mentors, is not a good plan at all.  So with that conclusion, we will begin to post “Date Night Ideas” on Wednesdays.  These will include ideas that can be done on a dime to those that would require some prep work.  Again, these will be just that, ideas, it will be up to you to chose what you will do and how often. For a jump start you can read our two most recent articles, Romancing Your Wife-20 Ideas or U Pick ‘Em Date Night.

Let’s put it this way…just like it would be to prepare to run a 5K if you have are out of shape- it should be the same as planning date nights if it has been months or even years since those nights have occurred. Start off slowing, focus on at least once a month investing in an uninterrupted time together. Just the two of you, redeeming the commitment that you two shared on the day of your marriage.

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