Heads Up! Fun Date Idea…

Here is a fun and inexpensive date idea for you two.  Frisbee Golf…Yes, that’s right, Frisbee Golf.


This is what you do beforehand. Go out to a nearby park and lay out the course. Designate anything that is fixed in the park as a hole. This includes trees, benches, signs, and possibly statues. Select at least 9 holes and as high as 18 if needed. You can even repeat the initial 9 to get in all 18. Either write down or map this course out before your date.

Next, at least a few days before, leave clues as to the impending date. Maybe a golf tee, a picture of a park, a Frisbee, or even a picnic basket. If you really want to go the extra mile for your spouse, leave some love notes at selected holes for them to find as they go around the course.

On the day of the date, pack a picnic lunch or early dinner and head to the park. After your meal, set out on the course you have laid out and have fun.

Remember, this is not so much about keeping score and having a winner or loser, it’s about spending time together and investing in your marriage.

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