Do You Remember “Why” You Got Married? 10 “Excuses” from People Who Forgot the “Why” of Their Marriage…

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“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.”
Psalms 127:1

Think about this, do you remember the where and when you got married? That’s an easy question. Let me ask a harder one, Why did you get married?

Think back to the garden. God created Eve because He knew Adam was incomplete and lonely without a companion. So if one of the purposes of marriage is closeness, then one of the enemies is distance. However, problems will eventually rise up when you expect your spouse to meet every need you’ve got.
Stop right there….Only God can do that! Only God can meet your every need that He deems necessary for your growth towards Holiness. Only God.
There is a story of a guy who never got married. When asked by a friend as to why, he responded, “Because I was looking for the ideal woman.” His friend then responded, “And you never found her?” However, the guy answered, “Oh sure, but just my luck, she was looking for the ideal man.”
Just goes to show that no marriage can ever be perfect; however, when two people make up their minds to give themselves fully to one another they can come pretty close.
The following is the top ten reasons why people said they were unhappy in their marriages. This was a survey of over a thousand married couples.
Curious, are any of these an excuse you are using?
1. We don’t think alike
2. We have very little insight into each other’s feelings
3. My spouse says hurtful things to me
4. I feel unloved
5. I feel taken for granted
6. I can’t confide in my spouse
7. I give so much more to our marriage than my spouse does
8. I very rarely hear a compliment from my spouse
9. I desire more affection from my spouse
10. We can’t seem to talk to one another
So if you recognize one or more of those excuses as it pertains to your marriage, my next thought is, why the focus on you? Let me put it this way…Since God performed the first marriage, talking to Him first about yours is a great place to start. Again, no marriage is perfect, but when two imperfect people choose to give themselves fully to their spouse, it can become pretty close to perfect.
So don’t ask yourself why you got married, ask yourself this, “Am I willing to fight for my marriage by God’s hand and grace?”

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