Romancing Your Wife – 20 Ideas

Here is a great reminder for all husbands. Even as I went over the list again, and I wrote it, I realize I could do so much more to romance Kerry.


It seems that during this crazy and fast paced life we all live as husband and wife, and especially as the years increase in our marriages, we forget to romance our spouses. We forget how we treated them when we were dating. They were all we could think of.  We spent many an hour coming up with ways we could show them we love them…then comes children, then comes careers, then comes life…
I was surprised by 5 large, red, Mylar heart balloons today from Kerry. When I asked her what they were for, she replied, “I just wanted you to know how much I love you.” She went out of her way to “romance” me. Yes, we will serve each other as we go throughout the daily routine; however, she went out and did something above and beyond, yet very simple, to just say, “I love you.”
It got…

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Recipe to Share…

Ya know, it’s been almost 2 years since I posted this article. Now that it is getting cold outside and family life is still hectic, I think this is a good time to share this again. Enjoy!


Many of you know that not only do I love to eat, I also love to cook. As busy as our family schedule is, I have embraced what I consider one of the most vital  cooking appliances we own. It has saved us time and allows us to come home to a meal all ready to enjoy.
Yup, it’s the Crock Pot. What an amazing invention and one that all families should own. I will also share with you another vital component one should use while cooking with their Crock Pot, the Crock Pot Liners. You just use them to line your Crock Pot and then after all is cooked and consumed…lift it straight out and throw it away. Your “always reliable” cooking appliance is ready for the next meal.
Ok, enough bragging on that, I wanted to share with you a recipe from an amazing web site filled with slow cooker recipes…

Here is the recipe for Crock Pot EASY Baked Potato…

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4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Spouse


Have you ever said something to your spouse and then immediately thought to yourself…”Ummmm…did I just say that out loud?!”

I think we’ve all been there and sometimes we can say the most hurtful things to the people we love the most. We can try to excuse it by blame shifting, blaming that the actions of others led us to speak those words, however, the blame falls squarely on our shoulders.

Truth is that our words can make or break our relationships and we need to commit to using our words wisely. We must make it a practice to “capture our thoughts and make them obedient to Christ” 2 Cor 10:5b You truly can communicate your message without being biting or sarcastic and if you approach your spouse in a supportive and encouraging way, your message/your thought is going to be received so much better.

For the well-being and health…

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Results From the Poll-“How Often Do You Date Your Spouse”

The results are in. We had 479 votes towards the poll we placed on the web site for, "How Often Do You Date Your Spouse?" As you can see, the majority, 56.52%, cry out that the thought of date nights seem crazy due to the time of their lives-Families!!  Children will suck the energy and …

Waiting on God’s Timing


Think about today’s culture in which we live…

We eat a lot of fast food! Computers do much of our work in order to get things done quickly and in a timely manner! Homes have more technology than ever before in order to do more…and to do more quickly!  We are in a hurry most of our days!

The danger of living under such circumstances is that our need to have everything quickly and at our finger tips bleeds over into our spiritual lives. And, if we are not careful, we will attempt to take things into our own hands and rush them.

Doing so, can lead to disaster! Our impatience can often lead to:

Marrying the wrong person.
Taking the wrong job.
Quitting too early; quitting too late.
Joining the wrong church.
And on, and on, and on.
We can learn much from Bible people who needed to practice…

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Great Marriages…What do they look like?

If you were to sum up what it took to have a great marriage or what did it look like to have a marriage that strives to be great, what would you say? What would be some of the driving principles?There are many marriages out there. We encounter all different types. There are those who …

The Lies That Lead to Divorce

In the past years that Kerry and I have done marriage counseling, there is usually one common thread that we have encountered; it's the lies that the individuals try to tell themselves so as to justify their dissatisfaction in their marriage. Thus building new lies to justify a divorce. The sad part is, they begin …

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