12 Stones

“In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’  you should tell them…”  Joshua 6b-7a

On Thursday, March 21, Kerry and I will share our 29 year marriage journey at a new once-a-month conference held on select Thursdays throughout the year. This monthly conference is called “Hot Topic.” There are many different topics, some considered controversial, scheduled throughout the year. Click on this link to see what is scheduled for 2019. HOT TOPICS 2019

On the 21st, Kerry and I will share how statistically speaking, we should not have lasted 3 years, let alone 20+. How we grew from selfishness towards Holiness and because of that foundational shift, Christ became the central focus of our marriage.

You will journey with us as wee look back at the “markers/stones” that signified a shift in our marriage-both good and bad. We won’t focus on the would haves and should haves, but instead, those stones will point to healing and growth in our marriage.

Here is the breakdown of our “Stones” that we will share:

Stone 1: Pursuit

Stone 2: Engagement

Stone 3: Marriage Ceremony

Stone 4: Selfishness

Stone 5: Family Time

Stone 6: Surrender

Stone 7: Growing Pains

Stone 8: Selfishness Returns

Stone 9: Naked & Not Ashamed

Stone 10: Holiness, not happiness

Stone 11: His Calling June of 2012

Stone 12: Falling Forward

These are the “Stones/Markers” in our marriage.  What we will share will be raw, transparent, honest, and point to the Truth-Jesus Christ as to the strength and foundation of our marriage.

We don’t claim to be perfect or righteous. No. We struggle, we fight, we laugh, we serve, we grow as one. We strive each day to worship Christ by the way we choose to love one another.

So please join us at 6:30pm at Eastern Hills Baptist Church, in a judgement free environment filled with compassion, understanding and encouragement. This is the first of many Hot Topics facilitated by Barb Mulvey, a certified Biblical counselor, with time at the end for Q&A.

Invite a friend and let’s journey together.

Growing Servant’s to the King,

Joe and Kerry Vivian 

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