Prayer Stones: How Do You Pray For Your Spouse?


If you are ever in my office you will find a small clear container holding polished, iridescent, glass stones. My wife, Kerry, began leaving me these small stones daily, in different locations. They were to be a simple way to tell me that she was praying for me and loving on me. I in turn began praying for her and our daughters each time I would discover a ‘prayer stone.’
This time of prayer has begun a wonderful journey between me and God. As I began to pray for Kerry, Sam and Baylee, the Lord then began to lay other individuals on my heart to pray for. I sought God on a very intimate level. I realized that this prayer time was more than supplication and worship; it was an opportunity for developing a repentant and regenerative heart toward Him.
I need to be right with God before I pray. I have to ask for His forgiveness and ask that He would create in me a new heart, a new attitude. May I say that this is a very humbling experience for me.
Not that I am all there, come on, you all know me and know that I am a work in progress; however, I am progressing toward Him.
During this journey, I meditated on the 51st Psalm. What a beautiful and direct way God has us look at our sinful heart. “The sacrifice you want is a broken spirit. A broken and repentant heart, O God, you will not despise.” verse 17 David is a broken man, seeking forgiveness and taking ownership of his sinful actions. It again revealed to me that that is the first step we should all take before coming before the throne of God with our supplications and requests. We must worship Him with a pure heart and clean hands.
Kerry’s ‘prayer stones’ became so much more than precious reminders of our love for each other. They became a way for me to see the power, strength, and humility that prayer and communication with my God can be!
Let us shed that proud exterior and be truly transparent to Him. By asking for forgiveness from our sins and repenting, we will then be that much closer in our relationship with the King.

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