Here we are again…It’s Wednesday and maybe now is the time to be making plans for the weekend. So here are 6 fun and inexpensive ideas for the weekend…

  • Photobomb another couple’s date together.
  • Have a picnic someplace random, like the roof of your house, during a car wash, the front yard of a home for sale. (not responsible for any legal costs you may incur)
  • Each of you researches a favorite poem and shares it over a romantic dinner.
  • Movie night out with HER selecting a movie HE would like.
  • Have a backwards date, where you do everything you would normally do on a date, but backwards.
  • Make kites together and go fly them in a park.

Enjoy your time together and remember to have fun, make memories, but most of all learn something new about your spouse and with that, grow even closer to one another!


Joe and Kerry

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