Yes, it’s only Wednesday; however, start planning now for your date night with your spouse this weekend…

Like we told ya, we would share a list of 6 inexpensive, yet very memorable ideas you two can do this weekend on your date night.

  • Curl up in bed together and watch a romantic comedy.
  • Turn on iTunes Radio to your favorite station and dance in the kitchen.
  • He offers her a sensual massage.
  • Movie night out with HIM selecting a movie SHE wants to see.
  • Go bird-watching, but playfully and affectionately distract one another while hiding in the shrubs.
  • Reenact your first date.

Let us know if you tried these or if you have other ones that you would like to share.

Remember: Have fun, make memories, but most of all learn something new about your spouse and with that, grow even closer to one another!


Joe & Kerry

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