Bookstore Date Challenge: Date Night Idea

It’s now 2015 and we need to pick up where we left off in Mid-December…Date Night Ideas!!


I came across this idea and I can’t wait to try it with Kerry this upcoming week. It’s called Bookstore Date Challenge. You don’t have to be a bookworm or a literary scholar for this date, you just need to be ready to share your dreams, hobbies, and passions with your spouse.  So here is the idea…

Decide on a location, a local bookstore or library will do. It helps if there is an area with couches or tables to sit on during this date.

There are sets of challenges in which each of you will have a certain amount of time to find books, magazines, etc. which provide the information you are looking for. I would set the time at 10 minutes for each set. The sets break it up so you don’t have a gazillion books in hand when you finally meet to share what you found with your date. This way, you get to do a set of challenges, meet up to share, return those books, then go back out for the next set of challenges.

After each set, meet up in the comfy couch area or table for two where you will take turns sharing what you found for your challenges. Try to learn something new about that person (even if you’ve been married for 20+ years!) Talk about each challenge and why you picked what you did (tell memories of it if applicable). Try to choose the least-busy night at that store so you will have free reign of the lounge area.

Make sure if you see each other on the hunt for your challenges that you shoot each other a wink and brush up against each other flirtatiously (once initiated, it will continue…)

Here are some challenge sets for you to accomplish during this challenge:

Set One:

  1. Find a new recipe that you would like to try.
  2. Find a new date idea to do on a future date.
  3. Find a funny joke to share with your spouse.

Set Two:

  1. Find a picture or map of a place you’d like to visit.
  2. Find a children’s book you enjoyed as a child.
  3. Find a book you think your spouse might enjoy.

Set Three:

  1. Find a book that you once read in school. 
  2. Find a book that has the following words in it: sacrifice and love.
  3. Find a book on your favorite hobby.

Set Four:

  1. Find a book that you have always wanted to read.
  2. Find a magazine that best describes you.
  3. Get some hot cocoa or coffee and share what you learned about each other and plan your next date night.

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