The Top 10 from Redeeming The White Space

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It has been an amazing year for us. We have been blessed to encounter and counsel many couples.  We have witnessed God’s hand in the healing and restoration of 9 couples. We have also been blessed to journey with many others as they chose to Redeem the White Space in their marriages and families. We wanted to share with you our Top 10 posts from 2014. The top 3 were viewed/visited by over 10,000!  Know that our prayer is to come alongside individuals and journey with them as we all encounter God’s love and commands. To be obedient to His word and seek Him first in all we think, say and do. To live out John 3:21.

Here are our top ten posts from 2014.

10. Start the Day Focused

9. A Simple Bar of Soap: 3 Ways to Serve Your Spouse

8. Your kid’s an All Star? Wow! Someday he’ll be average like the rest of us.

7. U Pick ‘Em Date Night…

6. Adulterous Affairs Don’t Begin with Sleeping Together; They Begin with Inappropriate Friendships

5. 10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

4. Yes, Porn is a Big Deal: A Response to Elite Daily from guest author Ella Hutchinson

3. 10 Things I Hope Sam and Baylee Have Learned From Our Marriage

2. 3 Basic Rules to Follow in Your Marriage In Regards to Social Media

1. Wives, Take Note of This: “3 Reasons Your Husband Likes It When You Climax” by Kerry Vivian

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