A Prayer for Your Spouse


This past weekend Kerry and I were up in Cloudcroft. I was blessed to bring the message to FBC Cloudcroft. My message was entitled, no surprise…”Redeeming the White Space.”

I closed with a prayer that I felt every husband and wife should be praying for each other daily. I had many requests for that prayer after the service, therefore, I will post it so we can all begin to pray for our spouse…starting today!

A Prayer for your Spouse…
“LORD, thank You for my husband/wife. They are a gift from You, so let me always have the grace and strength to treat them with the respect and love they need from me. Help me to be their biggest encourager; not their biggest critic. Help me to lighten their load; not add to it. Together, help us grow in our love for You and each other daily. Amen.”

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