U Pick ‘Em Date Night…

If you do not already know, we are big on “Date Nights.” Both Kerry and I enjoy heading out and spending time with each other. We have had very inexpensive date nights, just heading to the book store and browsing books and titles with each other, to weekend getaways. No matter what we did, we made a choice to be together, just the two of us. You can go to the Focus on the Family website for a very long list of date night ideas to help get you started or maybe even spark a new fire as you begin to date your spouse all over again!

I want to share one idea that we put into practice the past weekend. I called it the “U Pick ‘Em” date night. I took some blank note-cards, each colored differently, and choose 3 sets that matched up. On the first set of three, I wrote the name of one of Kerry’s favorite restaurants individually on each card. So there was now three restaurants, each individually written on a note-card.  I then took another matching set of 3 note-cards and repeated the process, except this time it was the name of a dessert location. Finally, I took the last set and wrote down three different evening activities we could do as a couple.  I placed all note-cards in their individual envelopes and sealed them.

Now the fun begins! I told her to be ready by 5pm. This was since I could not make reservations and because the date night will be much longer than usual. So at 5, I gave her the option of picking one of the three “Dinner” cards. She picked number 2 and off we went to P.F.Changs for dinner. After dinner, I then gave her the option of picking one of the three from the “Dessert” cards. She picked number 3 and off we went to Frost in Uptown for some gelato. By this time is was already 8:40 and we decided that since this was the end of the first week of school, we called it a night and we will save the last set for another date night.

This is a fun and different way to surprise your spouse on a date night. I will replace the dinner and desert ones with new ones and we will do this again soon.

So I’m curious…do you have any great date night ideas? Can you share what worked and possibly what failed miserably?  It would be great to hear from you.

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