Daddy’s Hair Salon…

Here is a great quick blog from All-Pro Dad. Being a father of two girls, I can totally relate to this writing. I always attempted to do our girl’s hair. Many times, the pony tail was never centered and often either to high or to low. Then I tried to advance to the Pig-Tails…epic fail. The braids were by far my greatest attempt of fatherhood for my daughters. Let’s just say, the braids are still a work in progress.  However, my girls never complained and Kerry was always very encouraging.

All I have to say is…I could have used this information about 12-15 years ago! Just Sayin’…

If you haven’t made this Blog one of your favorites, you should today. All-Pro Dad

Your wife goes out of town for the week. You’re looking forward to some great daddy daughter time with your baby girl. You plan activities, play games, and take her to school everyday. As you’re walking out the door, your daughter asks, “Daddy can you do my hair?” Realizing you have no idea how to do this, you have a real dilemma.
Our friends at Daddy Do’s have you covered. Watch and learn some quick and easy tips on How to Do Your Daughter’s Hair. Not only will you get points with your daughter, but you’ll also increase your man stock with your wife when she returns.
Huddle up with your kids tonight and ask: “What kind of handy things can I do better around the house?”

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