Romancing Your Wife – 20 Ideas

It seems that during this crazy and fast paced life we all live as husband and wife, and especially as the years increase in our marriages, we forget to romance our spouses. We forget how we treated them when we were dating. They were all we could think of.  We spent many an hour coming up with ways we could show them we love them…then comes children, then comes careers, then comes life…
I was surprised by 5 large, red, Mylar heart balloons today from Kerry. When I asked her what they were for, she replied, “I just wanted you to know how much I love you.” She went out of her way to “romance” me. Yes, we will serve each other as we go throughout the daily routine; however, she went out and did something above and beyond, yet very simple, to just say, “I love you.”
It got me to thinking, when was the last time I truly “romanced” my wife? When was the last time I showed her that I am still madly in love with her by being simply romantic? So as I thought about this, I also tried to come up with 20 ways to romance my wife. As I wrote these down, I also realized that I have not done all these, but I should take time to. We are to be “one flesh” with our wives, we are to be active in our marriages, to “serve and preserve” the families God has ordained for each of us. I will use this list as a stepping stone and become more active in the “romance” of my beloved.
Hopefully you will find some of these helpful too…
1. Develop a special sign or secret word just for her that communicates your love.
2. Using dry-erase markers, leave a note to your sweetie on the bathroom mirror.
3. Look in her eyes and just listen.
4. Over coffee ask your wife, “What are the three most romantic times we’ve had together?” Remember what they are and make plans to do them again.
5. Next time you’re sitting with your wife in church, reach out and put your arm around her.
6. Hold her hand whenever you are in public together.
7. Compliment your wife in front of others-especially your kids! You may be the only one in her life who’s doing it.
8. Take time out of your day and cook her dinner. Then have a quiet dinner together. You also clean up too.
9. Leave roses in the front seat of her vehicle-just because.
10. Send her flirtatious text messages for her eyes only.
11. Arrange a date with your wife at least once a month. Mark it on the calendar and take the initiative to make it happen.
12. Next time your favorite team or show is on TV, skip it and take her shopping or out to dinner. Spend time with her instead. Let her know she is the most important person on this earth.
13. Ask your wife to write down three things she’d like you to start doing, three things she’d like you to stop doing, and three things she’d like you to keep doing. Read the list and do it.
14. Arrange for a babysitter and then whisk your wife away on a special day filled with fun things she enjoys.
15. Remember how much you talked when you were dating? How polite you were? Try that for one week and watch what happens.
16. Make each other laugh.
17. Leave her a scavenger hunt of notes and clues for a romantic getaway. Make it another honeymoon and invest in your marriage.
18. Remain faithful to your wife in your heart, in your mind, and in your actions!
19. Remember your wife is God’s gift to you. Thank Him for her daily, and then tell her you did so.
20. Ask God to reveal to you how you can love her like you have never loved her before and how you will never love her like that again, then do it!
Finally, chocolates never hurt either…
So husbands, in closing the best romantic advice I can share with you, “If you want to be a stronger husband, then focus on becoming a stronger disciple of Jesus.” I know for a fact that Kerry finds that the most romantic act I can share with her.

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