National Honor Society…again!

Congratulations to Baylee!! 
She will be inducted into the National Honor Society at Hope on November 12th.  She is following in Samantha’s footsteps as Sammie Jo was also inducted her Sophomore year. 
Baylee not only puts in between 10-15 hours with Varsity Cheer each week, she is also on Student Leadership for Eastern Hills Youth Group and still maintains a cumulative GPA of 4.0714 and is on the Gold Honor Roll. Yikes…that’s a busy week for anyone…just saying… 
Like I have always said, God blessed both our ladies with intelligence from their mother!!

These three have become best friends!
The cheer squad calls them “Neapolitan Ice Cream”
Cuz together they are Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla
Here they are again and displaying a reverse Oreo
cookie this time. Do you see it?
BTW..Strawberry is Jamie Huskey &
Vanilla is Courtney Denker

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