18 and Counting!!!!

Well, it’s now official. Samantha’s number for next semester is truly 18. She will turn 18 on Feb. 14th. She will be registered for 18 credit hours and 18 weeks into 2013 Samantha will graduate on April 26th with her Associates Degree in Special Education/Elementary Education.
Amazing, that by the time she turns 18, she is half way through her College Education. After CNM, she will begin her studies at UNM to complete her Bachelors Degree (or possibly NM State…just saying).
Her past year and a half has been amazing for her. She has met so many new people and has truly understood what it means to be a college student. Her responsibilities, her discipline, and her dedication.
So now you know…18 is Sammie Jo’s number for next year!

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