Summer 2012 Bucket Lists…

So, I asked a question to the family as to what their Summer 2012 Bucket List would contain. I asked for only 5.
So here it is:

1. Have a Pinterest Craft Day
2. Go visit John, KK, and Averie.
3. Go to a beach
4. Go play Paint Ball
5. Have a Pinterest Food Day

1. Road trip to somewhere fun
2. Go visit John, KK, and Averie
3. Stay at a hotel in town
4. Something really fun involving water
5. Be nice for a whole day to Sam (ok, I added that one…)

1. Paint Baylee’s Room
2. Paint and redecorate our bathroom
3. Visit the Zoo
4. Go see my Averie!!
5. Spend a weekend away with my husband

Joe Ray
1. Go visit John, KK, and Averie
2. Read 3 books
3. Teach the girls to drive stick shift
4. Spend an entire weekend in the mountains with My Beloved
5. Run a 5K before August 15th

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