It’s early this Monday morning. In a few short hours there will be close to 50 kids and adults from EHBC coming together to caravan up to Inlow Baptist Camp. It is so amazing and humbling to see how far our Children’s Ministry has come in the past years. 3 years ago we were taking only one camper and sponsor. Today we will be taking 27 campers, 7 sponsors, and 15 support staff from EHBC!  Our volunteers ROCK! We had 5 step up literally at the last moment to volunteer to be camp cooks! I am most humbled by my three ladies. They just got back from a week long Youth Camp and then in two days turn around to go serve all week at YLA. Yowza!
So, please pray for this week’s camp. We have over 280 campers, sponsors, and staff up there this week. The entire focus of my messages will be “Obedience to the King.”
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given!

It’s Camp Time!!

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