Prioritize Your Spouse: 3 Rules to Follow

“I am my lover’s, the one he desires.” Song of Songs 7:10


There is not enough time in a lifetime to do all the good things you want to do. We live in a hustle and bustle world where most of us become slaves to our calendars and most work weeks go far beyond the traditional 40 hours. We long to do so much more and many will set off to accomplish just that; however, at what cost? For everything you “want” to do there must be something sacrificed. You may even begin to re-set your priorities so as to accomplish your goal. No matter the cost.

This may be where we lose sight of who God has ordained for us; our spouse. What must we do so as not get caught up in the trivial pursuit of “things” in our lives? Let me share with you these 3 principles today.

  1. Prioritize your spouse and marriage above everything else except God. Do everything in your power to elevate your spouse to their God-given sacred position in your life. Price your spouse above every person, friend, work associate or family member. Value your marriage above every earthly relationship or association.
  2. Make it your duty to make your spouse know, feel and understand that she/he is the most treasured person in your life. Give your spouse the most precious seat in the secret chambers of your heart. Friends will come and go, children will leave, work associates will move and neighbors will relocate, but your spouse will remain in your life till death does you part.
  3. Make a commitment to never become so focused on anything or anyone that you lose your spouse, marriage and family in the process. Remember this fact, you are the only one who is called by God to be your spouses’ husband/wife. Commit to being the only one they will turn to and rely on, besides God Himself.

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