Ladies, Here Is The Perfect Body! by Kerry Vivian


Ladies, I need to confess something to each of you.  I have struggled with body image issues most of my adult life.

I am or have been at one point – too tall, too thin, too fat, too young, too old.  My nose isn’t right, my smile is all wrong, my breasts are not perky enough (and now gravity is having its way with them), and on and on and on and on.  The sad thing is that I could pick myself to death over appearance and the miserable reality is that I have allowed that attitude to set the standard of my life at times.  I would avoid certain people or situations because I wasn’t good/pretty enough and, to be embarrassingly honest, it effected how I relate to Joe in many ways, including sexually. Ladies, early on in our marriage I believed my culture’s standard of beauty when it told me that I’m not sexy and desirable, that I didn’t have as much worth as those who have perfectly straight teeth and a low BMI.

You know what I finally figured out?  Basically I’ve been whining because I’ve failed at my culture’s standard of beauty.  Isn’t that sad, I placed the bar of beauty to the worlds mark instead of God’s perfect standard.  When that was realized, I had a new focus, a new vision. It was so simple yet took strength that only God Himself could give:  My new missions in life is just to get over it. This was the start of such an amazing journey. The weight of “magazine stand” beauty and perfection was lifting off my shoulders and replaced by His love and direction.

I look the way I look.  That’s the complete truth of the matter and I know for a fact that God doesn’t make mistakes.  God seems pretty happy about how I am made (He acts like I’m a piece of artwork He has fashioned and, honestly, it’s not good to argue with the Creator of the Universe) and Joe definitely likes to look and touch.  He always is so captivated by me and always makes me feel like not only the most beautiful woman in the room but the only woman in the room. His eyes are all on me!

Ladies, take this one truth home with you please. We need to receive with gratitude the gift of the body God has given so graciously to us and value God’s standard of beauty. Remember, He does not make mistakes and you are not a mistake.  What it comes down to is your choice.  Who will you believe?  What will you believe?  You should daily long to want to live your life in a way that honors God and blesses your spouse.

Ya know what ladies, I think I’m going to look at my reflection in Joe’s eyes for awhile. I love to see them light up!

How beautiful you are, my darling!  Oh, how beautiful!   Song of Songs 1:15a

In His Grip~  Kerry

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