What Advice Can You Share??


No, we are not running out of topics. Believe us, there is PLENTY left to discuss about parenting and marriage, including sexual intimacy. There are a myriad of challenges and ways to attend to this particular aspect of the family and marital relationship. The secular world continues to toss out their wrong ideas about discipline, parenting, marriage as well as intimacy which need to be addressed.

However, we wanted to kick off 2015 with the opportunity to hear back from you.  I will tell you now, that unless you give us permission, your names will not be used. We just feel that since we began posting these past years, we have heard back from so many on how much they appreciate our approach to seeking His truth in our families and marriages. As our web page states, we are seeking to Redeem the White Space! Yet we know that there is so much to glean from all of you and what you could share would help so many as well.

And now, we are simply going to ask that you all open up and either post the comments below or email us at rtwsmarriage@gmail.com. Here’s the question at hand that we want you to answer for us and the readers:

What one piece of advice have you received that has made a positive difference in your parenting, marriage or sex life?

It can be something gleaned from the Bible, from a good friend or family member, from a book or blog, from your doctor or counselor, or any other resource. It can speak to the whole of family/marriage or some specific topic or technique.

We will be gathering up your advice and sharing it in other ways throughout the year. God bless you and have a blessed and wonderful 2015!

Joe and Kerry

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