Date Night Idea: Dessert Meal with a Free Movie


Yes, Christmas is a week away and for some, now begins the shopping craze.  However, we would like to propose something different this last week before Christmas. STOP!  Slow down and reconnect with your spouse.  Take time to set aside one night in the coming week, or maybe a morning or afternoon, and spend quality time with each other. No shopping, no hustle or bustle, just a couple of hours with your spouse, all alone.

For some, this may mean waiting till the kids are in bed or at a relatives house, but make the sacrifice to be with each other under your own roof.  Now, whether it be morning, noon or night, you will make a meal of your favorite desserts. Yes, that’s right, you both get to bring your favorite desserts to the table, or coffee table, or maybe in the bedroom…just saying.

Next, follow this link, Free Redbox Movie Codes, to rent a free movie from Redbox. It’s all on the up and up. These are their promotional codes that they release all the time. The catch is that you can only use them once and some codes have already expired.  So decide on a fun movie that will not require mental or emotional gymnastics but instead will bring a breath of life and a “pause” on life.

Remember this, if you don’t take time to invest in your marriage, someone or something else will.

Merry Christmas!

Joe and Kerry Vivian

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