Date Night Idea: Christmas Lights Contest


Homes are being decorated with lights and trees out side are being decorated for the Christmas Season. There is also a huge increase on those inflatable decorations you are now seeing in people’s yards.  So, it’s easy to begin humming, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”  Ya know you just sang the first two lines of that song, admit it.

Back to this week’s Date Night idea.  This involves a car, a couple boxes of chocolates or even a couple of tins of cookies, and at least a few hours of driving around together in the evening.

Here is the plan. Set aside a night that you and your spouse can drive around neighborhoods where the homes are decorated for Christmas.  Take your treats, either the chocolates or cookies-or something else you may think of, and begin to take a survey of those decorated homes.  The goal is to find at least 2 homes that you both feel captured the Christmas Spirit by their decorations. Take your time, don’t rush it. Fill up your gas tank and enjoy the evening. Drive around and listen to Christmas music.  Take time to talk about Christmas pasts as well as Christmas futures.  Take time to be with each other and enjoy one another’s company. This is not a “working” date night, it’s one of casual enjoyment.  The reason I said at least two gifts is that you can each choose your favorites if you can’t agree on two together.

Once you have selected those homes, go back and leave the gift on their front porch with a note saying something like this, “Thank you for making the Christmas Season so special for so many people. Your decorations truly blessed us!”

That’s a night that not only won’t you two forget, but two other homes will remember it as well.

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