“Who are you serving?” Date Night


I realize that many of us are on a tight budget; however, we can all think of ways that we could bless another family or couple this Christmas season. Here is our idea this week.

Plan a date time together that you can devote at least an hour of uninterrupted time together. Budget some money to set aside to purchase a gift card from a local retail store. You two should pray about this before heading out and both agree on the amount and the store.  Now head off to that store, purchase that gift card and then pray that God will reveal to you a family that is currently shopping in that store to bless with that gift card.

As you both walk around the store, this is a great time to reminisce about the times you both were maybe struggling in your first years of marriage and how you may have remembered those in your past that blessed you during your years of marriage. Or you both may also be struggling right now and yet you can share your first fruits with someone else that you know their current pain.

Once God leads you to that person/family, give them the gift card and just let them know that you wish them a blessed and beautiful Christmas. For some, you may feel led to share the love of Christ and for others you may be led to pray with them right then and there.  And then, there may be some you will just know that loving on them by passing on the gift card is exactly what God intended.

That’s the best part of this date. You both served another individual/family together. You came together in prayer and lived out Genesis 2:24-25. You were serving as One!

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