Digital Selfie Scavenger Hunt – Date Night Ideas


This could be alot of fun but requires some pre-planning on one spouses part.

Here’s what you need to do:  First, come up with an afternoon or evening that you can devote at least 2-4 hours together. Next, come up with at least 10-20 “items” that your spouse will have to find, with you of course, and take a picture of those “items” on their phone, or a digital camera. The only key rule is that both of you must be in the picture along with the “item” they are searching for.

Here are some ideas: 1. A person at the airport with a red bag.  2. Two individuals wearing hats and drinking coffee.  3. A person holding a banana.  4. A Sushi Chef  5. A person walking a dog.  6. A sculpture of a person.  7. Something with your spouses year of birth  8. Your last dinner date table    I’m sure you can think of even better ones.  These are just here to help get you started.

So after you have your list, send an invitation, via text or photo to your spouse about the date. To start off the date, pass them the list and let the fun begin.  To finish it off right, send those Digital Selfie Pics to a developer and print them off. Add them to a photo album or even cover your wall with these memories.

Again, these are suggestions for you both to grow closer as husband and wife. Make memories!!

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