Start The Day Focused

“I seek You with all my heart; do not let me stray from Your commands.”

Psalm 119:10


As followers of Jesus Christ we are to be about His business daily. We are to be making a conscience effort to journey with Him.  We are to be seeking things of God in our pursuit of Godliness/Holiness.

The key words in those above sentences are, “We are…”  We are suppose to; however, life happens and our focus is taken off the King and onto the world.  Schedules, phone calls, unexpected changes in our daily routines, lack of sleep, health issues, personality conflicts; these and many others will try to edge in and take our focus off of Him. 

About four years ago, Kerry read an article about pursing God daily in a “self-focused” world. Shortly after reading that, 5 post-it notes went up in a place that we will see them every morning.  These five simple notes were reminders for us to start the day focused on the Creator of the universe instead of the trials and schedules of the day. The key words in that past sentence… “start the day focused.” Too often than not, we begin the day focused on our to-do list and not on His Hand in our life.  Yes, I am not denying that life happens at break neck speed and we must be organized and well thought out on our planning for our marriages, families, and work; however, without placing Christ as the central driving force in those decisions and outcomes, we are tilting to the windmills of the world.  Seek first His Kingdom and everything else falls into place.

So here are the five reminders that are written on post-it notes:

How would Your Spirit inspire me to pray today?

What acts of service can I do today to represent your Love?

What words can I utter that will honor and bless You?

What acts of worship can I do towards You?

Lord, how can I love You today?

May you continue to grow closer to the Lord each and every day!

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