God’s Love Demonstrated…

In this week, majority of us will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. For some, it is a painful reminder that they are single. Yet others will feel the pain of love lost or love not received. Either way, the pain is real.
Let me share with you a truth we can all live by, not only this week, but every week. The Apostle John summed it up well in 1 John 4:7-10. To sum it up, we love Him because He first loved us. Simple and to the point. God showered us in love first when we did not deserve it. So much love that He sent His Son to be the covering for our sins. His Son, Jesus, went all the way to the cross for each and every one of us. That’s love. That’s sacrificial love. Giving of one’s all and expecting nothing in return. God’s love did whatever was necessary to bring us into His righteousness. That is love.
Let me share with you a story that may help to bring a tad bit more clarity to what I am sharing.
“There was this 2nd grade boy who was smaller than the rest of his classmates and not as coordinated. Often he was made fun of and dismissed during games and recess activities. It grieved his mother’s heart. She knew he had a heart of gold and was always there to encourage anyone who was in need. She asked herself, ‘Why can’t the other children see his love and accept him? Why must they always reject him and push him aside?’ This upcoming Friday was Valentine’s Day. The mom seriously contemplated keeping her son out of class that day, so as to spare him any hurt because of not receiving cards or being a part of the activities for the day. His father stopped and prayed for his son. He prayed for his wife. Knowing that there may be pain and heartache, both the father and mother made the decision that their son would go to school that Friday. The boy was excited and eager to get going on his Valentine’s cards for each of his classmates. He spent hours hand making each and every one. He made sure to correctly spell each name and to add something special about each classmate. He carefully placed them all in his backpack the night before. His joy for the next day made it hard for him to sleep.

The next afternoon, after school, his mother was there to pick him up. She prayed silently as he approached the car. Her heart was in knots for her son. As he slipped into the back seat, she asked him how his day went. She caught her breath as she listened to his response, ‘Not one. Not one…’ She felt tears welling up in her eyes but those soon turned to joy as he finished his sentence. ‘Not one of my classmates did I forget!! I remembered each and every one of them! I love Valentine’s Day!’”

What are we doing to show Christ’s love this week? Are we waiting on someone else to bring you love or should you shake it off and be the one bringing love to another?

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