Are You Peculiar?

Are you peculiar?
Do people look at you as odd or different?  Do you find being called “peculiar” offensive? 
The definition of peculiar is one who is odd or strange in nature and behavior.  One who is distinctive in character from others.  One who belongs exclusively to one person or group.  Now, does that describe you as a Christian?  Let me explain…
Paul writes to Titus in chapter 2 on the duties and responsibilities of the seasoned followers of Christ to the younger, newer believers.  He closes chapter 2 with a reiteration of the Gospel and who we are in Him.  In verse 14 he says, “who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.”  emphasis mine
That phrase, “His own possession”, is a Greek word meaning peculiar.  It is a compound of two words that apart mean, to be around.  So let me see if I can better explain just how truly wonderful it is to be peculiar in Him by the way Ken Wuest describes it.
Draw a circle.  In the middle of the circle, draw a dot.  Now label the circle, God and label the dot, follower of Christ.  Let’s notice some things about this circle and dot.
The circle completely monopolizes the dot.  The circle has the dot all to itself.  Nothing can get to the dot unless it comes into contact and is allowed to cross through by the circle. 
Now do you see how truly powerful it is to be His possession, to be peculiar in Him?  God has us all to Himself. We are His own, private possession.  No temptation or trial can reach us unless it goes through God first, 1 Cor. 10:13. As we walk, stay obedient and repentive, in the center of God’s Will, He will not permit the enemy to confront us with a temptation too great for us, nor can a time of testing or trial reach us unless it comes through the permissive will of god and when that happens, God’s grace will be given to bear that temptation/trial. 
So when others look at us, do they see a peculiar person?  One who is distinctive in character from others?  One who belongs to Christ Jesus because of their words, actions, and deeds?  I should hope so. 

So here is to being peculiar!

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