The Many Roles of Samantha Vivian

On December 1st, Eastern Hills hosted the K-Love Acoustic Christmas Tour. This concert featured 3 Christian bands for a 3 hour concert. There were over 1000 spectators and over 50 volunteers, some of which began their volunteer day at 8am that morning. The entire event was officially over at 12:30am, that’s when the entire church was re-setup, cleaned, and prepared for church services the next day.
So what’s the big deal about all this information? Samantha was in charge. Yup, Samantha was given the job to be the Church Hostess for this concert. She facilitated all the volunteer assignments, kept in contact with the Venue Director, prepared the church for the concert by clearing out the foyer and setting up the “green” rooms for the entertainers, as well as orchestrated the flow of volunteers during the day of the event. She arrived at the church at 7:30am and left at 12:30am when it was over and the church set up for the next day. 
When it was all said and done, the K-Love Venue Director spoke with Pastor Bill and told him that she has never worked with such a professional Church Hostess before. She was then completely taken back when she found out her age. Needless to say, both Kerry and I are very proud of the never ending display of Samantha’s Christ-centered character.  
BTW, Samantha is now the official Church Hostess for all upcoming concerts. 

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