Dress Shopping…

Its a Friday night and I am with Kerry and Baylee looking for a Hope Homecoming dress. It still amazes me at the overall emphasis placed on a dress that will probably be worn once.
Don’t misunderstand me, both Sam and Baylee are always looking for the best deal and seeks out the sale racks. In years past they have been uber successful.
It’s the other Mother/Daughter combos that make me shake my head in disbelief. For some moms, this is their chance to relive high school. For others, it is their chance to show off their status via their daughter. And for others, its a right of passage shared between a mom and daughter. The latter is how I have always viewed it for Kerry and the girls. I do enjoy watching them checking out the racks, commenting on the possible selection as well as the occasional sarcastic comments on some of the tacky dress styles. It is even better when I can find a chair near the dressing rooms.
So as of this writing, we have visited 8 stores and tried on only 5 dresses. Time to go home, regroup and map out what’s next.
On the bright side, we still have two weeks….

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