Summer begins…

Well, it’s official…Baylee is now a Sophomore!  Yesterday, Wednesday the 23rd at 11:46, she transitioned into her Sophomore year and began her Summer of 2012! It’s a week of sleeping in and then June becomes a whirlwind of camps and a week of VBS before July even creeps into existence. 

Samantha has been enjoying her time away from campus by filling in at the church office when our receptionist is out of town. It has been a blessing to work alongside her during most of those days. She has also taken an interest to Pineterest. Her baking and crafts have entered a brand new level. Here is a art piece made with melted crayons on a canvas board. Truly cool!  Her summer will mirror that of Baylee’s. So let’s get some rest before June begins!

Two very beautiful ladies starting off the summer right!

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