Kerry is knocking at 20 years!!

As I was watching the news this past week, they were showing the 2012 Commencement for the University of New Mexico. All those graduates, heading on out to “conquer” the world. It truly seems like yesterday when Kerry was crossing that threshold. She is finishing her 19th year of teaching…19 years!!  I can remember that day on the front porch of our rental house having her graduation party, it couldn’t be 19 years…maybe because she doesn’t look like she has aged a bit, that’s probably why I find it hard to believe.
She is an amazing teacher. Her students truly love her and grow so much in their love for science, but also for their love of God through her guidance and reflection of Him. I recently had a science teacher from one of the High Schools tell me personally, “The students from Eastern Hills are so superbly prepared for science as they enter High School. I wish more teachers taught at the level Kerry does.”
I am so honored and blessed to call her my wife and my best friend. Here’s to the big 2-0 next year!

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