Samantha’s New Chapter

This past weekend it finally hit me. Our first born has begun a new chapter in her life. Less than 12 months ago Samantha made the decision to step away from high school and begin her college studies. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, be a special education teacher, and felt that there was no reason to wait. In the past 9 months she exceeded all our expectations. After completing 28 credit hours her first two semesters, she has a cumulative GPA of 3.9! Wow!
In April, she took her GED so as to officially complete high school and solely concentrate on college, she scored an overall 99.9!
So, onto this past weekend…Eastern Hills celebrated and recognized our Seniors, the class of 2012. Samantha was a part of that group. That’s when it hit me. I now see her as a young adult, a young woman pursuing her career and a new chapter in her life.
I see Ryne with her, supporting and encouraging her every move. Ryne is growing into his place as her propitiation. No, I have not given her hand yet, however; it will be an act that will be soon forthcoming. One which I am comfortable and pleased about.
Yes, a new chapter for all of us.
Sammie Jo, your mother, sister, and I are so proud of you and what you have accomplished these past years. You are growing into such an amazing woman of God!

Baylee, Kerry, and Samantha
Ryne and Samantha
Sam’s Senior Pic

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