Wisdom Teeth Removal

On Thursday, December 29th, Samantha had all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed.  The surgery was in the afternoon, so the fasting she had to do during the day was hard.  We started off early that morning making her a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  So from 8am on….no food!
Her surgery was a success.  The doctor said that he would even refund part of the cost due to the fact that her surgery went much better than expected.  Kinda Cool!!
And yes, her sister took many videos of her during her loopiness.  Asked many funny questions and received many funny answers!
Sam woke up the next morning with very little swelling and pain. Also, very hungry.
Next up…Baylee will get a baby tooth extracted that just never chose to leave.  Ya know, between braces, extractions, sealants, and just routine visits, one of my daughters needs to go into the dental profession….just saying.

Sam is smiling for the camera, an hour after surgery.

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