Winter Has Arrived!!!

So the last 4 days of December 2011 have been interesting…
Last Thursday, the 1st, Albuquerque experienced winds like no other.  It began with sustained winds of 20-30mph around 11am.  By 4pm, winds were sustained at 55mph and gusting to 70+mph!  The winds continued to roar all night and began to subside by Friday morning.  Now that the front was through, here came the second  punch of a 4 punch storm system.  Snow fell most of the afternoon around the state throughout the night. We woke up to wet roads but 2 inches of snow on the grass.  Great morning of fog and snow flurries.  The day stayed cold and overcast with another half inch of snow falling Saturday night.  So here we are Sunday morning. We woke up to lows of 19deg and freezing fog and light snow showers.  The forecast for tonight is strong winds with heavy snow continuing throughout all day Monday.  Highs for Mon and Tues are 27 and 23 degrees…those are are highs!!  Lows will be below 0 with wind chill.  the estimated snow fall thru Tuesday morning, beginning tonight, is to be between 6-8 inches.  I’ll believe it when I see it….however; it would be nice!
So how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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