Samantha’s 1st Semester of College

“I have the highest grade out of the whole class in my english class! I have a 96!”
That is the text message I received from Samantha this past Wednesday. Pretty awesome job from Sam in her first semester of college. She is taking 12 hours right now and has registered for 15 next semester.
In her other 3 classes she is holding A’s also. Both Kerry and I are blessed by their intelligence. Both show a desire to learn and set that bar high. We have never said that they must have straight A’s; however, we have always told them to give their best, their first fruits, in all they do. We know what they are capable of and at that point, all of us agree that settling for less is not an option.
Samantha has shown such amazing maturity and growth these past couple of months. Again, we are so proud of her! To think, she is almost 17 and in 5 months will have her “Frosh” year of college completed.
Yes, the Lord has blessed our family!

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