Walking Pneumonia

Yup, I have walking pneumonia.  What a drag.  This past Saturday I started having a cough and come this past Wednesday, my chesy became tight and each cough hurt.  So off to the doctors…x-rays and tests later, I have walking pneumonia.  So it’s off to bed rest for the next 5-10 days.  As Kerry put it, 5-10 days fo bed rest is better than two months recovery from full blown pneumonia.  Yup, that I would agree. 
Should be a long weekend.  Telling me to sit and relax in bed for days is like trying to hold back the ocean wth a broom…unless Kerry tells me to, than it;s not that hard. 
Yea, a friend just dropped off the first 3 seasons of the original Star Trek!  Let the marathon begin…

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