Sam’s Driving…

Sam's Stop in the Rocks

Yup, that’s right. Sam began

Driver’s Ed two weeks ago. She’s completed her classroom time, she just needs her hours on the road. 

I am very proud of her and her growth thus far.  She started with only two speeds-Stop and Go.  Now she has become accustomed to the “slowing down” process and the “gradual increase” of speed concept. 

The really funny aspect on all this is that Kerry refuses to drive with her.  Yes, that’s right, Kerry truly is terrified to be driving with her daughter.  She said that as long as she has one month driving experience, she will then join her.  Baylee is fine with driving with her sis.  She just knows that she needs to remain quiet and no wise cracks.

The picture above is from her driver’s front tire coming to a complete stop in the gravel by our offices at church.  At least she stopped!

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