Can I Smash My Daughter’s Cell Phone? PART I

Here is part 4 in the 5 part series from Jonathan McKee. Teenage cell phone use… er… misuse is the hot subject on parents’ minds. Teenagers are pushing the limits, and parents are questioning how to respond. After teaching my workshops, I always enjoy the chance to mingle with parents and listen to their struggles. …

Date Night: 5 Reminders for Every Couple to Remember

We have been sharing some date night ideas these past Wednesdays for couples to try and hopefully spur on more moments of communication and intimacy between a husband and wife.  Just this past week I was asked if there were any reminders that we could share about "Date Nights" or even possibly guidelines to remember. That was …

37 Practical Ways to Improve as a Parent

This was an article that we posted back a few years ago that was well received. Definitely felt it could be shared again.


I posted this list from an article I read about a year ago. This is not meant to be an end all list, it is only meant to give us a jump start and reminder of what it means to be a parent.
Here is something you may never have thought of. By God letting us become parents is one of His primary methods of sanctification  Within marriage, you ultimately choose what you’re willing to live with. You see, if you marry an angry person, you know you will have to learn to deal with your spouse’s anger. If you marry a passive, or fearful, or impulsive person, in the end you have to admit you chose this person, and thus choosing your future battles.
With our children it is different. They already come out ready made with spiritual battles beforehand that we can’t even begin to imagine. And God in His vast…

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Guardrails Are Only as Good as The Road

Starting this Thursday, I am excited to pass on Jonathan McKee's series on "Guardrails." Jonathan McKee is the president of The Source for Parents and is the author of numerous books including the new Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent, and youth ministry books like Ministry By Teenagers, Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation, and the …

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