2019 Retreat Dates and Info

2019 POM Retreat Schedule

Foundation of Marriage

This weekend retreat is a focus on what the Biblical Foundation is for a marriage.          We will spend time using Genesis 2 as our “Blueprint” as we build the walls, roof and establish the foundation of a Christ Centered Marriage. We will spend the weekend “Redeeming” back what God has always intended our marriages to be.

The Foundation of Marriage Retreat is for all couples at all stages of their marriages. Whether you are Newlyweds or have been married for 25+ years, as well as all those in between. This weekend is a chance to bring back into focus the “Blueprint” of your marriage and strengthen the “Foundation” as you each grow closer to Christ.

2019 Dates for Foundation of Marriage

February 16-18 at Sacramento Conference Center-Sacramento, NM

October 11-13 at Golden Eagle Lodge-Red River, NM

Cost is $400 per Couple     $150 due at Registration


3 Facets of Intimacy in Marriage

This weekend retreat you will spend time as Husband & Wife and learn to apply the three facets of Intimacy in a Marriage: Emotional-Spiritual-Physical. Take time to invest into your marriage what God originally designed for intimacy in your marriage. Our focus will be in Song of Solomon 8 as we discover what it means to be Intimate to Christ first: Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually, before we can be Intimate with our spouse.

The 3 Facets of Intimacy in Marriage Retreat is for all couples, no matter the length of their marriage, who know that they want to deepen their relationship with not only each other, but Christ first. This weekend they will have an opportunity to plant all three “legs” of the intimacy in their marriage firmly on the foundation of Christ.

2019 Dates for 3 Facets of Intimacy in Marriage

March 15-17 at Caplin Ranch in Athena, Texas

July 19-21 at Golden Eagle Lodge-Red River, NM

Aug/Sept 31-2 at Sacramento Conference Center-Sacramento, NM

Cost is $425 per Couple     $200 due at Registration


Awaken Love

This weekend retreat is like no other retreat. As couples, we will take time to understand the Physical Oneness in a Biblical Marriage. This retreat is solely focused on the Sexual facet that is necessary in a Biblically focused marriage. This retreat will include very explicit and frank discussions. We will spend time to discuss our Past-Present-Future as it pertains to our sexual oneness with our spouse.

The Awaken Love Retreat is for all couples of all stages in their marriage. It’s a time to discuss a topic that is so often neglected in the church but is so very vital and necessary in a marriage.  The sexual union of a husband and wife is one that can only be fulfilled Biblically by their spouse and no other, but we never take time to discuss it openly as husband and wife.  This weekend we will journey together and as a husband and wife, you will learn to communicate and enjoy the physical oneness that God intended for your marriage. This retreat is limited to the first 7 Registrations, so don’t delay.

2019 Date for Awaken Love


Cost is $450 per Couple         $150 due at Registration