Men, Show Your Wife Chivalry!


Husbands, I wanted to take time to share with you my thoughts on “Chivalry” and what it means to me, as a wife, a mother, as a woman.  Joe treats me like a princess. He displays chivalry towards me on a daily basis. He does not perform these acts so as to attain favor with me…i.e. sex or favors such as. Instead, he chooses to show me the respect and love I deserve as a child of God.  He truly sees me as God’s daughter and he will daily choose to love me in a way that will worship and love on Christ Himself by the way he loves me.

I wanted to share some ways that Joe daily displays his love towards me…better said, these simple actions are those of Chivalry. As Joe displays this love towards me, he is also setting the standard for our daughters to see and also expect a man of God to do to them as well.

  1. Opening doors

A man who takes the time to come around and open the car door for his wife/girlfriend is spot on! Make no mistake on that.

  1. Suffering through a girly movie

When a man volunteers to endure a girly show or movie because he knows you’ll enjoy it, he earns major bonus points. (Even more if he does so without complaining or expecting something in return.)

  1. Sending flowers/cards

I’m not talking about the $100 bouquet you get on Valentine’s Day. I’m talking about the grocery store assortment he picked up on a random Tuesday while thinking of you. There’s just something about unexpected flowers that makes a girl smile. As well as the card that was handpicked to express his love towards you.

  1. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

The first time someone does this, you will probably be confused. But then you’ll start to question how come other men in your life have never been concerned about positioning themselves in such a way that you’d be protected should curbside tragedy strike. I know that Joe will always place himself between me and “danger.” It’s not a must, but it’s certainly nice to have.

  1. Kissing your forehead

If you’ve been married for a long period of years and your husband does this, it’s a small gesture that can make you feel adored. He loves you so much to display his love without expecting a run to the sheets.

  1. Filling up your gas tank

Much like walking on the outside of a sidewalk, this gesture will probably surprise you the first time it’s performed. It’s indicative of a man who was raised right and is generally courteous, which is always a welcome surprise. It is very rare that I have ever had to fill my gas tank.  When I get in my car and the tank is now filled, it tells me he was thinking of me.

  1. Putting your jacket on

Women are fully capable of putting their own jackets on, but it’s not a question of ability. It’s gentlemanly and kind for someone to hold out your jacket for you or offer you theirs when it’s cold.

  1. Pulling out your chair at a restaurant

Again, I am capable of pulling out my chair, however, this simple gesture says that my initial comfort is the priority of our meal together.

  1. Making eye contact and smiling when I enter a room

Simple and so fulfilling.  When a man does this for his wife, he is saying that you still captivate his heart and that he is giving her his undivided attention.  I love the smile Joe gives me as I enter any room.

Chivalry is not dead; men can be everyday knights in shining armor. You just have to learn to spot the subtle, more meaningful gestures. Husbands, if you already do some of these, then add another one to your routine. If you do them all, then make sure you are modeling this for other men you hang out with. For those of you that this seems foreign to, then choose one a week to add until you have completed 9 weeks and all become a habit of your marriage.


One Reply to “Men, Show Your Wife Chivalry!”

  1. Thank you for good post Chivalry is alive, it’s a good way to show with deeds,how much man loves,cherishes,adores,respects,appreciates and takes care of his beloved lady. Man who makes chivalrous acts, wants to say that woman is important for him,and he wants to serve her, instead of neglecting her.


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