My Beloved’s Birthday!!

Kerry celebrated her birthday this past weekend.  Ya know what is amazing....she doesn't age!!She still looks like the day I met her! She is My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine.Blonde, Blue Eyed, and A Science Teacher to Boot!!A Smile that Melts My Heart!Kerry serving at World Changers in Arkansas, Summer of 2011

Yank that tooth!

Baylee had her last "baby" tooth extracted.  It was just sitting there wedged between two adult teeth, so it had to be yanked.  Ya know, the dental expenses these past three months have been kinda interesting....  Just saying...Bayer and Cotton Plugs...all that is needed to survive.

Sam is 17!!

Sammie Jo is now 17 and already half-way thru her Freshman year of college!Yowza!Watching Ryne's Birthday Song video on FB that he wrote for her!New clothes!!You can never have too many scarves!

Student Servantship

Samantha is an amazing servant here at Eastern Hills Baptist Church.  Just recently she was awarded a bowling pin that read, "Kingpin of Service" for her organizing a fellowship bowling night for her Youth Group. She is also helped to organize tye-dying shirts for her the EHBC Youth Group, along with others in the Youth Group, for their Winter Retreat …

A Growing Bond Servant to the King

Let me pose this question to you, "Who or what are you a Bond-Servant/Slave to?"  My prayer is that the question would stir up thoughts and emotions and make you think.  It did me.To fully understand this question, we must define Bond-Servant.  It is the Greek word, doulos(1401), which means servant or slave.  One who …

Viewing Others thru God’s Lens

Looks can be deceiving. Judgments are made without regard to the individual; ideas and perceptions are placed into motion with little regard for the consequences of those initial thoughts.              I pre-judged some individuals and immediately categorized them into a Class and Group.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  The Lord used that moment not only …


Kerry, Sam, and I have just completed a 5 day juice cleanse!Since last Monday morning, we have had nothing but veggie and fruit juice for Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snak, Lunch, Mid-Afternoon Snak, and an evening juice if needed.  Every night we had a regular dinner, yet by Wednesday evening, we noticed how much fuller we felt during our meals. …