Wisdom Teeth Removal

On Thursday, December 29th, Samantha had all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed.  The surgery was in the afternoon, so the fasting she had to do during the day was hard.  We started off early that morning making her a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  So from 8am on….no food!
Her surgery was a success.  The doctor said that he would even refund part of the cost due to the fact that her surgery went much better than expected.  Kinda Cool!!
And yes, her sister took many videos of her during her loopiness.  Asked many funny questions and received many funny answers!
Sam woke up the next morning with very little swelling and pain. Also, very hungry.
Next up…Baylee will get a baby tooth extracted that just never chose to leave.  Ya know, between braces, extractions, sealants, and just routine visits, one of my daughters needs to go into the dental profession….just saying.

Sam is smiling for the camera, an hour after surgery.

Christmas 2011

This year’s Christmas was such a blessing.  We adopted a family of three this year.  It was so much fun to shop for little ones and in turn share the blessings God has given us.  Morning service at church and a great meal with Betts and Joe made the beginning of Christmas great!  To top off the day, PoPo (Wayne) flew in from San Antonio to spend a few days with us during the holidays. Yes, it was a great Christmas!!

Warming up by the fire….
Kerry’s Stocking!!
My Three Ladies!!

Finals Week!!!!!!

Sam and Baylee are both chin high in finals for the next three days. I am in awe at the amount of material they are studying for each course. And the amount they truly know. From my perspective, it seems more like an easy review than studying.
Sam’s first final last week was in her online Edu class. She nailed it…100%!
Baylee had her first yesterday, Math. She felt confident in how she did.
I will say this, Sam and Baylee are amazing and gifted students. Makes mine and Kerry’s job as parents so much easier.
Both ladies are looking forward to the weekend/Christmas Break!

Many "Firsts" in this 1st Semester

This has been an amazing first semester for all of us.
Samantha: She is ending her first semester in college with a bang!  Her first final will be this Thursday and she will wrap up her remaining classes by next Thursday.  She has had many “ups & downs” this first semester; however, I think if you ask her, she would not trade it for anything!  She has grown into such an amazing and mature young lady these past months. Next semester will be a full load for her, 15 hours, including her babysitting gigs and Youth Leadership/Praise Band at EHBC.
Baylee: Baylee is finishing up her reviews in all her classes this week getting ready for all 7 finals next week. She has done a tremendous job of balancing her first semester as a Freshman at Hope along with Varsity Cheer and Youth Leadership here at Eastern Hills Baptist Church.  Baylee will more than likely end up with straight A’s this semester.  Next semester will only get busier…many more competitions as well as her National and World Championships in Orlando, Florida the weekend of February 9th!
Kerry: This is her first semester in 10 years that she has not had one or both of her daughters sharing the school day with her.  Kerry is in her 19th year of teaching and 10 of those years have been here at Eastern Hills Christian Academy.  Kerry’s love for teaching, her students, and especially Christ, overflows everyday in her classroom. I love to hear her students and parents praise her for all she does.
Me: This is the first time in 7 years that I have not led the Athletics at Eastern Hills Christian Academy.  Do I miss my athletes and sports, ya betcha; however, it has allowed me to focus on the Children’s Ministry here at EHBC and has freed up more time with my family.  Kerry and I also were called to lead/facilitate a parenting class this semester here at EHBC through our Awana Club.  The time together, preparing and sharing with our class has made me appreciate the blessings God has passed down to my family.

So I will state again: many firsts in this 1st Semester!

Winter Has Arrived!!!

So the last 4 days of December 2011 have been interesting…
Last Thursday, the 1st, Albuquerque experienced winds like no other.  It began with sustained winds of 20-30mph around 11am.  By 4pm, winds were sustained at 55mph and gusting to 70+mph!  The winds continued to roar all night and began to subside by Friday morning.  Now that the front was through, here came the second  punch of a 4 punch storm system.  Snow fell most of the afternoon around the state throughout the night. We woke up to wet roads but 2 inches of snow on the grass.  Great morning of fog and snow flurries.  The day stayed cold and overcast with another half inch of snow falling Saturday night.  So here we are Sunday morning. We woke up to lows of 19deg and freezing fog and light snow showers.  The forecast for tonight is strong winds with heavy snow continuing throughout all day Monday.  Highs for Mon and Tues are 27 and 23 degrees…those are are highs!!  Lows will be below 0 with wind chill.  the estimated snow fall thru Tuesday morning, beginning tonight, is to be between 6-8 inches.  I’ll believe it when I see it….however; it would be nice!
So how is the weather in your neck of the woods?