My Youngest Is Growing Up!!

“Hey Dad. Yes Baylee. We have to cheer Basketball tomorrow night at 6:30.  May I go out to an early dinner with my friends and then we can report to the gym before the game and cheer?”
That was the question posed to me yesterday.  Wow, my youngest is growing up and becoming her own.  Kinda hard for me to initially swallow; however, I am so proud of the woman she is becoming.  I always describe her personality as one who listens and is a student of human behavior.  She is very aware of her surroundings and astute to every word she speaks and every action she performs.
She has such a big heart and is extremely loyal to those she calls friends.  She will go to the ends of the earth for a friend and not even think twice about doing so.
Baylee is also like her sister with her grades and study habits.  She has maintained straight A’s for the last 5 years, including her first year of High School.  Her cheer schedule is not easy.  Three practices a week from 3:30-5:30.  Cheering maybe 2-3 time a week at events as well as staying involved in her church Youth Group in leadership.  All this while still maintaining her grades.
Kerry and I have been so blessed and excited about both of our young ladies.  They have become independent in their actions and yet have shown love and respect to our family as a whole.
Here is a video link to Baylee’s last cheer competition.  Baylee’s Cheer Video
 I can tell you this, she starts off in the front, left section, from then on…..good luck following her.
In closing, I can not think of the right words to describe the emotions I feel for my family.  This I can say, I am humbled and in awe at the love and grace Jesus Christ has given me by blessing me with my Kerry, Samantha, and Baylee!

Prayer Stones

Here is an article I wrote for the Baptist New Mexican last month:
If you are ever in my office you will find a small clear container holding polished, iridescent, glass stones.  My wife, Kerry, began leaving me these small stones daily, in different locations. They were to be a simple way to tell me that she was praying for me and loving on me.  I in turn began praying for her and our daughters each time I would discover a ‘prayer stone.’
This time of prayer has begun a wonderful journey between me and God.  As I began to pray for Kerry, Sam and Baylee, the Lord then began to lay other individuals on my heart to pray for. I sought God on a very intimate level. I realized that this prayer time was more than supplication and worship; it was an opportunity for developing a repentant and regenerative heart toward Him. 
I need to be right with God before I pray. I have to ask for His forgiveness and ask that He would create in me a new heart, a new attitude.  May I say that this is a very humbling experience for me.
Not that I am all there, come on, you all know me and know that I am a work in progress; however, I am progressing toward Him.
During this journey, I meditated on the 51st Psalm.  What a beautiful and direct way God has us look at our sinful heart. “The sacrifice you want is a broken spirit. A broken and repentant heart, O God, you will not despise.” verse 17   David is a broken man, seeking forgiveness and taking ownership of his sinful actions.  It again revealed to me that that is the first step we should all take before coming before the throne of God with our supplications and requests.  We must worship Him with a pure heart and clean hands.
Kerry’s ‘prayer stones’ became so much more than precious reminders of our love for each other. They became a way for me to see the power, strength, and humility that prayer and communication with my God can be!
Let us shed that proud exterior and be truly transparent to Him.  By asking for forgiveness from our sins and repenting, we will then be that much closer in our relationship with the King.

Samantha’s 1st Semester of College

“I have the highest grade out of the whole class in my english class! I have a 96!”
That is the text message I received from Samantha this past Wednesday. Pretty awesome job from Sam in her first semester of college. She is taking 12 hours right now and has registered for 15 next semester.
In her other 3 classes she is holding A’s also. Both Kerry and I are blessed by their intelligence. Both show a desire to learn and set that bar high. We have never said that they must have straight A’s; however, we have always told them to give their best, their first fruits, in all they do. We know what they are capable of and at that point, all of us agree that settling for less is not an option.
Samantha has shown such amazing maturity and growth these past couple of months. Again, we are so proud of her! To think, she is almost 17 and in 5 months will have her “Frosh” year of college completed.
Yes, the Lord has blessed our family!

A New Beginning…We Hope….

It’s a shame that I do not write in this blog more often.  Samantha is already finishing up her first semester as a college student and Baylee is into full swing her freshman year at Hope Christian.  Kerry is truly enjoying her 20th year of teaching as she continues to teach Science at EHCA Middle School.  I am in my 4th year at Eastern Hills Baptist Church as the Children’s Pastor.  Where has the time gone. Our weeks are busy and crazy; however, we still maintain our time for each other and time for the Lord.  It’s been an amazing life He has blessed all of us with.

So here is my commitment to my friends and family….I will do my best to be better at updating what’s the haps in our lives because life is moving sooooo quickly.
God Bless Ya’ll!