KADYNCE-The newest family member


Yes, that’s right.  We have a new family member.  She is a 3 1/2 month old TeaCup Yorkie and her name is Kadynce. Samantha asked for a TeaCup Yorkie for her 13th birthday and back then the answer was a simple…No.  Yet, she has never waivered and has truly shown that she is responsible and reliable as a “parent” to such a busy breed of dog.  Kadynce was rescued by a family that began looking for a good home for her.  With that, we were brought in to contact with that family and thus blessed with her .  Yes, I know many of you may say we are crazy to add to our Zoo; however, she has quickly adapted to the entire clan. 

Sam is going to be a great Momma! Ya got to admit, she’s a cutie!

Kerry’s Endoscopy Procedure

Keep Kerry lifted up in prayer as she will undergo an endoscopy procedure today to determine where the pain in her abdomen is coming from.  They plan on sedating her and possibly taking a biopsy of her duodenum, the first portion of her small intestine.  We are to check in at 1pm, so the procedure should begin soon after.  I will post an update as soon as we know something. 

The Life of a Teenager…

Teen Night

What do you get on Saturday night when a gaggle of teenagers go to Albertson’s to prepare for a movie night…

3 Bags of Cheetos-4 marble hand held bouncy balls-1 bag of Oreos-1 cake mix-2 Arizona Sweet Teas

Front left to right…Sam, Ryne, Emily, and Boo

One things is for sure, Kerry and I would never trade these nights for anything!

Walking Pneumonia

Yup, I have walking pneumonia.  What a drag.  This past Saturday I started having a cough and come this past Wednesday, my chesy became tight and each cough hurt.  So off to the doctors…x-rays and tests later, I have walking pneumonia.  So it’s off to bed rest for the next 5-10 days.  As Kerry put it, 5-10 days fo bed rest is better than two months recovery from full blown pneumonia.  Yup, that I would agree. 
Should be a long weekend.  Telling me to sit and relax in bed for days is like trying to hold back the ocean wth a broom…unless Kerry tells me to, than it;s not that hard. 
Yea, a friend just dropped off the first 3 seasons of the original Star Trek!  Let the marathon begin…

Baylee’s Drama Time

Baylee has begun rehearsing for the school’s upcoming drama performance, “The Ballad of Gopher Gap.”  The performances will be in May, the 14th and 15th to be exact.  Her character’s name is Otillie, the judges sister who is 39 going on 16.

She is already such a great improv young lady, she is a natural when it comes to acting. They have been rehearsing for the past month on Wednesday afternoons. 

We’ll post pictures as they become ready!

Sam’s Driving…

Sam's Stop in the Rocks

Yup, that’s right. Sam began

Driver’s Ed two weeks ago. She’s completed her classroom time, she just needs her hours on the road. 

I am very proud of her and her growth thus far.  She started with only two speeds-Stop and Go.  Now she has become accustomed to the “slowing down” process and the “gradual increase” of speed concept. 

The really funny aspect on all this is that Kerry refuses to drive with her.  Yes, that’s right, Kerry truly is terrified to be driving with her daughter.  She said that as long as she has one month driving experience, she will then join her.  Baylee is fine with driving with her sis.  She just knows that she needs to remain quiet and no wise cracks.

The picture above is from her driver’s front tire coming to a complete stop in the gravel by our offices at church.  At least she stopped!